In the progress of creating great products and awesome teams

I like to dream, design, plan, develop and implement highly innovative products in capital and time efficient way.

My goal is to build and sustain high performing teams. My passion is getting things well done.

Creating a successful team start with hiring the right people, followed by showing the right goals that match the competences and making it fun. I believe managing is; enabling, defining purpose and keeping productive people happy.

Creating a strong purpose, continues alignment of expectations and having persistency are the key for success.

I work with passion and energy and I believe both are contagious.

At this website, I will about the mostly around the topics that are listed below.

+ Agile and lean development
+ Change management
+ Strategy Implementation (Vision -> Mission -> Goals -> Tasks.)
+ Product Management
+ Web, Software and Game Production
+ Release management
+ Performance management
+ Head hunting
+ Coaching
+ Innovation 0 -> 1 and 1->N

Welcome to my blog.